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Dallas Ft Worth Chapter Scholarship Program

The DFW Metroplex Chapter of NIGP has established a scholarship program to assist members who want to further their purchasing skills and professionalism.

This program is administered by the Executive Committee of the chapter as stated in Article III, Section 10 of the Chapter By-Laws.


Active full chapter members and student members are eligible to receive scholarships.

Active is defined as a paid chapter member who has participated in at least two (2) chapter-related function in the previous 12 month period. Chapter-related functions include, but are not limited to, quarterly chapter meetings and DFW NIGP sponsored classes, seminars and conferences. Participation is defined as actual attendance or providing assistance with any DFW NIGP sponsored event.

Scholarship funds will only be used for expenses that are not covered by other reimbursements from employers or other sources.


Applicants are required to submit page 1 of the completed application form to for review. Class listings and associated fees will be available in December of the year prior. Other events than those listed may be eligible for scholarships. In those cases the applications must be submitted as soon as the need is known so due consideration can be made.

Applicants must note on the application form all other payments or reimbursements received from any other sources for any events. Failure to disclose this information will result in non-approval or repayment of scholarship funds.


The Executive Committee will review each application based on the applicant's individual merit and overall financial need.

All awarded funds must be used by the recipient for the event requested. Failure to use the awarded scholarship forfeits the individual's rights to the funds and the funds will be returned to the chapter.

Scholarships will not be awarded for CPPO/CPPB certification re-tests if a scholarship was used for the initial certification attempt.


Dallas / Ft. Worth

We are committed to providing our membership with the education, professional development and technical assistance required to secure the public trust through the promotion of excellence and effectiveness in public purchasing.

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